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Professional photographic backgrounds are essential elements for any photography studio. In the Outlet area of ​​our online store you will find photography funds at the best price, with a great variety of sizes, materials and finishes, all of them of high quality and with anti-glare technology.

In addition, in the Outlet area we have different supports for photographic backgrounds, tripods, holders and portable holders.

In the FotoStilFondo Outlet we offer you the best variety of vinyl photographic backgrounds, paper photographic backgrounds, cloth photographic backgrounds, handpainted photo backgrounds, printed photographic backgrounds, monocolor photographic backgrounds and three-dimensional photographic backgrounds, depending on the materials or The size that is needed and the best price.

Fabric funds are a good choice for professionals looking for an economical and functional resource. For photographic studies that require a wide variety of colors, paper backgrounds or cycloramas are the perfect solution. On our website you can find pastel tones, warm tones, all cold and neutral tones.

Our photographic vinyl backgrounds are made of a material similar to plastic, with the advantage that they can be cleaned simply. In addition, it is a type of background for photography that gives off a slight brightness that brings light to the image, being quite resistant and durable.

We also have photographic backgrounds printed on canvas completely matt. In our catalog you will find backgrounds with images of landscapes, walls, drawings, etc.

Handpainted photographic backgrounds on canvas are composed of gradients and brushstrokes, with a multitude of shapes and colors. You will also find canvases painted by hand in canvas canvas with a single color.

Our three-dimensional backgrounds for photographic studies have the possibility of making them reversible and double, all of them very easy to handle thanks to their light weight.

At FotoSiltfondo we offer you advice and we guarantee the best professional photo backgrounds at the best market prices in our area Outlet.

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