At first glance it may seem that all light boxes are the same, but as every good photographer knows depending on the photo to make you need a box size or another.
A light box diffuses the light and turns it into a nice soft and uniform light.

When used correctly, it reduces hard shadows. The closer to the light box is the model or object, the smoother the light, emulating sunlight when entering through a window.

The shape of a light box can be, square, rectangular and octagonal.

The function of the box is to make the Light emanating from the Flash or Speedlight bounce around it and disperse inside in all directions. The sides of the box direct the light towards the outside, which is distributed evenly from the top to the bottom.

Our light boxes have enough depth to be able to spread the light from the back to the front, instead of extending it to the side. They also have the possibility of adding a honeycomb, very interesting option, since it removes even more light coming out of the box.

Why have different sizes? It has to do with the quality of the light we want to achieve and the effect we want to give.

The large windows of light cover a large area with indefinite shadows, so the light they give is softer, these windows are recommended for use with children, as this light so distributed makes the child can move in a wider radius To take the photo.

The light boxes of medium size offer shadows a little harder, they are recommended to mark more the features of the face, silhouette .. They are used more for wedding photos or to give a point of light to the models ...

Small light boxes create harder and sharper shadows, often used to give highlights to models, backgrounds, or fillers.

A grid can be attached to the front of the light box.

This accessory, which looks like a honeycomb, gives the photographer a little more control over light with a more limited focus.

Due to its variety of forms, a light box is considered a workhorse in the studio. The traditional rectangle shape
Can be used with a main light source or fill light. The elongated light box is usually used for hair light, and an octagonal light box works as light filler from the main light.

As you will see there are infinity of boxes of light as well as infinity of situations where to use them. Discover all the aura models in our online store.