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At FotoStilFondo we have Epson Plotters at the best prices on the market.
The plotters allow us to print images or graphics with up to twelve colors. Our plotters are capable of making prints with greater precision, while being fast and quiet.
There are different types of plotters that can be adapted to the graphic needs of each studio or photographer. From FotoStilFondo we advise you on this type of devices to choose the plotter that best suits your photo printing needs.
Our Epson Supercolor plotters include a special printhead that produces exceptional results even in low quality applications, allowing you to benefit from high productivity without losing quality. Epson Supercolor plotters feature paper feed technology that includes a feeder stabilizer, plus an inductive roller system, which ensures perfect performance.
Getting started with this printer is easy thanks to its user guide and color LCD panel. Once finished printing can be cleaned to save on maintenance costs.
Epson Surecolor plotters produce professional quality tests for both photo and test printing. Our models are capable of accurately reproducing 98% of Pantone-certified colors. It includes a pack of ten-color inks and a print head that provides accurate and long-lasting results.
At FotoSiltfondo we offer you advice and we guarantee the best Epson print plotters at the best prices in the market today.

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